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How to make a Travel Insurance Claim.

If you are on holiday or even before you leave and you need to make a claim, it can be a time consuming and often stressful experience.

Pack your Documents

It is important to take your Travel Insurance Certificate and Policy Wording with you on your trip. In the event of a claim, you will need all essential information at hand such as policy number, plus the contact details of the claim lines. JS Travel Insurance also provide a 24 hours assistance number in case of emergencies.

Call the insurer immediately

If you think you need to make a claim, you should contact the provider straight away. There is usually a 31 day window in which time you will need to register the claim.  Also remember that if you require any medical treatment abroad, when possible you should contact the assistance company beforehand.

When you call the claims department or the assistance service. you will need to give them some information regarding the incident. You will then be sent a claim form to complete.

Contact the Police

Anyone who is a victim of a crime, whilst they are on holiday should contact the police, preferably within 24 hours of the incident. Your insurer will probably require a police report for any theft or incident whilst you have been away.

Supply Evidence

The provider of the insurance policy will require some proof to support a claim. For example if you have to cancel your trip due to ill health, the claims department may request a letter from your doctor or at least contact details of your doctor. If you personal possessions are lost or stolen, you might need to show receipts for proof of purchase. Loss baggage is a common issue and you should make sure that you get a ‘property irregularity form’ at the airport.

Remember the Excess

The policy excess is the amount you have to pay towards a claim. So if for example, if trhe claim is for £500 and the excess is £100, you will receive £400 from the insurer.

You should check the excess as it might be worth paying the invoice or bill yourself if they are minor.

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