Travel Insurance and Covid 19 Vaccines

Covid 19 Vaccine, Travel insurance

Travel Insurance and Covid 19 Vaccine 

With Moderna, Astra Zeneca, and Pfizer so far showing successful tests with the Coronavirus Vaccine, what will this mean for Travel insurance going forward 

Currently, many countries are now asking for proof of a Negative Covid Test within 72 hours of arrival in a destination country. This will evolve into : 

Medical Visas, be it :

  1.  Proof of a Negative Test

       2.  A Vaccine Certificate

       3.  Medical Forms completed prior to departure 

Or all three of the above

A biological passport emerges here as requirements along with a Visa in order to gain entry into a country.

IATA ( International Air Transportation Association ) have already started work on this called the

IATA TravelPass.

Qantas on 24 November has stated that passengers will probably need to show proof of Vaccination in order to be able to travel.

Covid 19 Vaccine, Travel insurance

What does this mean for travel insurance going forward?

  1.  Policies will probably all be modified to cover Pandemics within Medical Cover, this will entail Cancellation/Curtailment and Medical cover 
  2. Some Policies may require proof of vaccination for approval of cover.
  3. Having contracted Covid 19 in the past will become a pre-existing condition and policies rated accordingly.  
  4. Having Long Covid will have an effect on premiums and as well be classified as a pre-existing medical condition.
  5. Many countries are insisting that you take out their approved travel insurance when you arrive: examples are Jamaica, Japan, and  Thailand.
  6. More people will holiday at home, staycations: this should bring Policies with less Medical Cover and more cancellation and Baggage cover. Rates will be cheaper here 
  7. Policies may have included in their wordings that if you have not been vaccinated then your insurance may be deemed invalid 

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