Too Much Snow – Are you covered with JS Travel Insurance?

Too much snow

What happens if you can’t travel because of too much snow? It might seem strange that you might have to cancel or abandon your Ski Trip due to too much snow, but does sometimes happen.


With our Travel Insurance policies, you are covered for Trip Abandonment with the JS Silver, JS Gold and JS Platinum Winter Sports policies.

If you are delayed for more than 12 hours after you have checked in on time at the airport, we will compensate you for any loss of bookings such as Accommodation or Ski Passes etc.

So if you decide that a long delay is not worth continuing your trip, you can be assured that you will be able to recover some of the costs.

Additionally, if you are delayed in getting to the airport and you miss the check in time, for example the road to the airport is closed due to heavy snow fall or the public transport you were planning to use is not functioning, then you would be able to make a claim in these circumstances.

If snow delays your return to your home country, the Travel Insurance policy continues until you reach your home automatically without you needing to contact us to extend the policy.

What happens if you get to the Resort and there is too much snow and the pistes are closed?

This has happened in some resorts in Europe in the last few weeks. You should check your Schedule of Benefits on your Travel Insurance to see if you have cover for Piste Closure and Ski Pack. In some cases you will be able to be compensated for the loss of Ski days and your unused Ski Pass or cancellation of Ski Lessons.

This can happen also when you have been at the resort for a few days and if there is a heavy downfall of snow, the Resort might close all pistes or some of them for safety reasons.

This may happen, if there is a chance of an Avalanche or there maybe safety issues with the lifts.

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