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Ski Travel Insurance

Ski Season – Prepare Before You Go

Purchase a Ski Season Travel Insurance Policy

If you have  a job or just plan to stay for a Ski Season in Europe or another country such as Japan or Canada, you must make sure you have a Ski Season Travel Insurance in place before you leave the United Kingdom. It is a good idea to prepare before you go as it will make the season far more enjoyable and rewarding. It also is a good idea to make some copies of your policy details and give them to your employer or host, so if need be they can contact the Emergency Assistance Company  on your behalf, if you are unable to.

You should always make sure that you have purchase a Ski Season Travel Insurance policy before you leave your home. We have recently started working with another provider who can cover you if you have left the UK, but the cost for the policy might be more expensive and not as comprehensive as the the ones we can provide online. Please call us or email us if you want to look at the options that we have available for Ski Season Travel Insurance.

Get Fit !

As you are there for a Ski Season, spending time on the slopes can be great fun, especially if you have been working and this is your time to enjoy the snow. It is always a good idea to get fit before you leave, to strengthen your legs, arms and core. When you are out there, you should keep an eye on your alcohol intake as it is important that you remain hydrated and alert whilst on or off piste.

Skiing / Snowboarding Equipment

It might be an idea to get your equipment before you leave your home. They can be more expensive in the resorts. There are a number of online as well as high street stores that have a large range of equipment for the season. It is also a good idea to have a look at Charity Shops at this time of year.

  • Helmet
  • Goggles
  • Snow Trousers and Jacket
  • Thermals
  • Ski / Snowboard Gloves
  • Ski / Snowboard Boots and Binding
  • Backpack

You might want to have a look at purchasing a new set of Skis or Snowboard if you are going to be Skiing or Snowboarding for several months.

Off Piste Check List

Going for a Season means that you can explore more of the Resort and also go off piste in areas that are not restricted to Ski Patrols. If you fancy doing some more adventurous off piste Skiing or Snowboarding you should have a look at getting some extra equipment for this activity.

Here is a list of equipment we recommend you carry with you to keep you safe:

Visit to get the safety equipment you might want t0 purchase before the Ski Season starts.

Avalanche Safety Course

It might be interesting and informative if you take an Avalanche Awareness Course. You will learn to use your equipment effectively and how you can test snow conditions to assess the risks before you venture out !

Many of these courses can be done in the UK and aboard. Check your local listings or have a search on Google for the best Courses. For example if you are travelling to Chamonix, Mountain Tracks have some great courses.


European countries do not require you to have vaccinations before you travel to them. However some other countries in the world where you can do a Ski Season, will require you have the vaccinations before you travel. You should make sure that you have these done in plenty of time of departure, so you don’t get caught out !

Visa Requirements

Work and Travel Visas requirements can vary depending on which country you are travelling to. At the moment travelling to Europe does not require any work or travel visas (at the moment !!) BREXIT might change all that.

Check the website of the country you are travelling to, to check their requirements. Start this process before your departure date to ensure your visas are issued before you leave.

Season Travel Insurance

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