New Mobile Phone Insurance With JS Insurance

JS Insurance have launched a New Mobile Phone Insurance policy

JS Insurance has launched this month a new Mobile Phone Insurance policy, with extra Benefits and Low Excess.

We can now provide cover for phones that have been purchased in the last 18 months and we can cover refurbished phones as well as long as they come from your Provider or Manufacturer.

We can cover the new iPhone 6S Plus and the iPhone SE.

The Benefits of this Policy are:

Accidental Damage:  We will pay for repair or replacement costs if your mobile phone is damaged as a result of an accident.

Theft Cover: If your mobile phone is stolen we will replace it. When only a part or parts of your mobile phone have been stolen, we will only replace that part or those specific parts.

Accidental Loss: If you accidentally or unintentionally lose your mobile phone we will replace it.

Breakdown: We will cover electrical breakdown that occurs outside of the manufacturer’s guarantee period.

Unauthorised Call / Data use: If your mobile phone is lost or stolen and is used fraudulently, we will reimburse you up to £2,500 for the costs upon receipt of your itemised bill.

Liquid Damage: If your mobile phone is damaged as a result of accidentally coming into contact with any liquid, we will repair or replace it.

Worldwide Cover: Your mobile phone is covered up to 90 days when you are away from the UK.

In the event that you make a claim, an excess fee applies which must be paid to us before your claim can be settled. The fees are set out as below.

  • If your claim is for a mobile phone up to the value of £250 (when new) the excess fee is £25 for any claim.
  • If your claim is for a mobile phone between £251 to £999 (when new) the excess fee is £50 for any claim.
  • For any other mobile phone, the excess fee is is £75 for any claim.

If you want to take out a policy, please contact us on 01273 773 017 or Freephone 0800 047 5065.

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