L’Etape du Tour Cycling Travel Insurance

JS Travel Insurance provides cover for those who are taking part in the L’Etape du Tour 2017 in France.

L’Etape du Tour takes place on 16th July 2017 and consists of two stages that end with the Izoard stage. The gradient is 9% and is the 18th Stage of the Tour de France.

Have you done the preparation for the event ?

  • Have you done the training ?
  • Have you got all your kit ?
  • Is your bike in good condition ?
  • Have you got your Travel Insurance ?

Make sure you purchase a Travel Insurance policy for when you leave the UK until the date you return. We can offer cover for a one off day, if you just want cover for the actual L’Etape du Tour day. Please contact us on 01273 773 017 or email us for a quote at info@jsinsurance.co.uk

If you are already in France and you want Travel Insurance cover for the event, please call us and we can offer an insurance policy for you.

If you have any pre existing medical conditions, it is important to declare these at the time of purchase of the Travel Insurance, so that you are fully covered.

If you have Bicycle Insurance, make sure it covers your bike whilst you are in France and it covers a racing bike.

JS Travel Insurance has been offering this type of cover for many years and covered many Cycle Racing events including the L’Etape du Tour.

Travel Insurance Benefits

  • Medical and Repatriation Expenses cover is up to £10,000,000. If you crash and get injured whilst taking part or if you are taken ill before or after event, we will cover any medical costs and bring you back to the UK if necessary. Make sure you have the European Health Insurance Card (EHIC) although this is not a replacement for Travel Insurance as it does not cover Repatriation and only covers Emergency treatment.
  • Activity Equipment is covered up to £1,000, which might not cover all your equipment but would help towards the theft or damage whilst it is in transit or storage.
  • Search and Rescue costs are covered up to £50,000, if you are in need of medical treatment we will find you and bring you to the nearest hospital or clinic for treatment.
  • Cancellation or Curtailment for the trip as well as cover for your Personal Possessions are covered under Part A and B of this policy. If you are already in France, you will only be able to purchase the Part A of the cover.

Example Premiums

We cover 18 years to 64 years of age.

5 day trip to France to include cover for the L’Etape du Tour would be £27.94

If you require the cover just for the one day of the L’Etape, the cost would be £18.26

Please feel free to call us or email use for a quote or for further information.


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