Holland Easter Open Football Tournament Travel Insurance

Holland Easter Open Football Tournament

Will you place the top spot at the Holland Easter Open 2020 ?

Next Easter the UK will have 168 teams participating in the Easter Open Football Tournament in the Netherlands. The tournament will take place on 10th to 13th April 2020.

JS Travel Insurance provides cover every year for Teams and Clubs as groups or individuals, taking part in the Holland Easter Open Football Tournament or any other Tournaments during  the year.


As per the directive, there should be one adult travelling at least per 10 children. please refer to the Schools Travel Forum for more detailed information.

Medical Cover up to £10m

At the Tournament there is usually a Doctor at hand and Medical Facilities, however if you need Repatriation back to the UK or specialist medical treatment then you must buy Travel Insurance before departure. Our Medical cover is up to £10,000,000.

If a player that’s part of your Football team breaks their leg and is not able travel back to the UK with the team then the travel costs will be covered under Medical Repatriation.

Pre Existing Medical Conditions

If there are any pre existing medical conditions that you wish to have covered and you are planning to take part in the Holland Easter Open 2020, we can provide cover. This policy also provides cover for Personal Liability.


Football Kit

Boots, trainers, shorts, shirts, shinpads, track suits : under JS Silver we can cover you up to £1,000 for your Kit ( Single Article Limit is £150.00 ) so you are sufficientlly covered by our Travel Insurance if the kit is lost, stolen or damaged.

Loss of Passport / Documents

Make sure all the players, coaches and parents remember their passports and tickets: someone always forgets ! Here we have you covered to £200 in costs if you do forget or lose your passport or tickets before you depart.

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Holland Easter Open Football Tournament Holland Easter Open Football Tournament Holland Easter Open Football Tournament


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