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Direct Flight from Australia

Direct Flight from Australia

Direct Flight from Australia has arrived. Qantas have launched a passenger plane (787 Dreamliner)  that flys directly from Perth to London Heathrow. It is the Western most part of Australia but its a start. Distance is 9,000 miles (14,500km) in just over 17 hours without a stop over (landed 24 March 2018).

No stop overs, no getting off the plane for a couple of hours, no feelings of  “we are not moving, this is taking forever”

How has this been achieved? With the new Boeing 787 Dreamliner.  

Its been built for 20% more fuel efficiency than other planes, hence it can make this trip

Lower emissions as well. The engines are made by Rolls Royce in Derby known as the Trent 1000 TENs.

This Aircraft has great advantages over others for passengers:

  1. Lower cabin noise
  2. Larger windows
  3. Better air quality (important when you are 17 hours on a flight)  
  4. Technology that reduces turbulence

Qantas is asking Boeing and Airbus to provide a plane that can fly direct from Sydney to London. Perth is great, but it really does not have the population of Australia’s Eastern seaboard.

Living in Australia

If you need Travel Insurance for your trip to Europe, we have partnered with an Australian Travel Insurance company to offer policies for Residents of Australia.


How does this affect your Travel Insurance ?

  • Well it doesn’t much except that the fares are quite pricey so make sure you have adequate cancellation cover for your trip in case you cannot go.
  • Your trip if you are just going to Perth may be shorter as no stop overs so the length of your Policy may be less and cheaper !
  • If you have a Medical Condition, then you best check that being in the plane for that long won’t affect it. You should make sure this has been declared as a pre existing medical condition on your policy.
  • Are you getting another connecting flight to Sydney or New Zealand from Perth ? If so make sure your Policy covers internal or connecting flights ?
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