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If you are lucking enough to be able to cruise around the Mediterranean, Caribbean or even a world cruise, getting the right Cruise Travel Insurance policy is vital.

As a cruise is not exactly the same as a summer holiday in Spain for two weeks, it may not be covered under a standard Travel Insurance policy.

Why is it important to get Cruise Travel Insurance ?

A cruise usually is longer than a normal holiday and with some long cruises you can be at sea for months rather than weeks.

Single Trip and Annual Multi Trip Travel Insurance policies have limits on how long you can be away from home at any one time.

The very nature of a cruise, means that you will almost certainly visit more than one country. You will need to make sure that you have selected the correct region as well as all the countries that you plan to visit.

Traditionally, cruises have tended to be taken by the older generation, although they are becoming more and more popular with families and younger couples. The standard premiums may be much higher if for example the couple are over 65 years of age or if one or both of them have pre existing medical conditions.

Many people who go on cruises like the idea of taking part in Sports and Activities whilst they are in port.

Other Benefits of Cruise Travel Insurance

One of the main benefits of Cruise Travel Insurance, is that is it provides cover for the older generation and for longer duration than would be possible on a standard single trip policy.

Specialist Cruise Travel Insurance will also provide cancellation cover if the cruise is postponed or cancelled due to bad weather.

Less dramatic events, such as your luggage being lost or delayed will be covered and in addition a comprehensive Cruise Travel Insurance policy will cover emergency repatriation cover along with a substantial medical cover.

Cruising with a European Health Insurance Card

If you are cruising within the European Economic Area apply for the EHIC card and keep it with you when you pack your bags.

The EHIC card will give you access to free or reduced medical treatment and emergency care.

However, the EHIC card does not provide cover for cancellation or emergency repatriation cover in the case of an illness or accident.

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