Common Questions Regarding Travel Insurance

Travel Insurance is an important part of your trip

Many people do not take out Travel Insurance as they are not aware of the advantages and they have misconceptions as to what it actually is.

Most people get Home Insurance and Car Insurance, and it the same with Travel Insurance. You should protect yourself from the unforeseen.

You should always read the Terms and Conditions of a Travel Insurance policy.

What is Travel Insurance ?

The main benefit of Travel Insurance is emergency assistance when things go wrong. Depending on the policy that you purchase, this could be loss or damage of your suitcase or contracting an illness or virus when you are travelling. It is not a Health Insurance policy as you would have in your home country, but more as a protection for unexpected situation which might arise whilst away.

Is Travel Insurance just Health Insurance ?

Travel Insurance is not a replacement for Health Insurance. For example, if you are emigrating to Australia and you take out a Long Stay policy and think this will provide medical cover whilst you are there, you are not !

Can I be treated for a medical condition that I already have ?

JS Travel Insurance does offer cover for Pre Existing Medical Conditions.

If you are travelling it is important that you declare any medical conditions that you might have. This will insure that you are covered if, for example you have a nut allergy and you have declared this, then we would cover any treatment required if you had an allergic reaction to a meal that you have overseas.

My Bank provides me with Travel Insurance. Is that good enough ?

Most Banks and many Credit Card companies provide Travel Insurance and usually for free. However the cover is limited and does not provide full cover. They might cover trip cancellation or medical expenses, but only if you have booked your holiday using your credit card. Both Bank and Credit Card Travel Insurance will not necessarily cover you for Repatriation or cover any pre existing medical conditions. If they do cover some items such as Baggage or Cancellation, the actual benefit amount might not be very much.

How does Travel Insurance work ?

If there is an emergency and hospitalization is required or Repatriation back to your home country, then you (or someone on your behalf) would need to contact the Emergency Assistance company and they can make arrangements and organise payments.

I got drunk and hurt myself. Am I covered ?

It is unlikely you would be covered and be able to make a claim. Insurance companies (and this stated in the Policy Wording) if you put yourself at unnecessary risk, such as drinking or not taking care whilst on a night out.

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