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Sometimes your child might need to travel alone to visit a parent or family abroad. If they are travelling alone, the parent will always be anxious that they are being looked after whilst on the trip.

So getting Travel Insurance, is a big part of that. You should take the time to compare the different policies available so that you get the correct cover for the child and that you are not paying too much for the cover required.

If you have a Family Travel Insurance policy, which covers the whole family, this type of policy might cover the children to travel independently, but you should check the terms and conditions of the policy carefully.

If your Family policy does not cover the child to travel on their own, you should contact us on 01273 773 017 to look at issuing a policy for the child.

What should I look for in a Travel Insurance policy for children ? 

Policies for children will vary as would any Travel Insurance policy. So for example, if you require Winter Sports cover, make sure this is selected, whether they are travelling with a school group or a friend’s family.

You should also check that the cover is available if you wish to cover their baggage and valuables as well as cash.

Many policies will provide cover for Sports and Activities as standard, as children tend to want to  be active whilst on a trip. If there are specific cover required you will need to make sure that this is covered under the policy that you purchase.

What other rules and regulations surround children travelling without their parents ? 

Of course there is more elements to children travelling on their own than just Travel Insurance.

If the child is flying, then the carrier may have specific rules that you need to check before departure.

Consider the minimum age: Your child must be above 5 years old before an airline will consider allowing the child to travel alone.

Services offered by airlines: Airlines will offer a specific service for your child. You must book your child onto one of these services if one exists.

Check the rules of the destination:  The country you child is travelling to may have different rules and regulations regarding minors travelling on their own.

They should have their own passport: For them to travel independently of the parent, the minor should have their own passport.

Consider the cost: The airline service will cost more than just the airline ticket.

Sort out the paperwork: Make sure you have completed all the relevant paperwork before the date of departure.

No matter what the rules are with the airline, make sure your child has the correct Travel Insurance policy before departure.


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