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Adventure Sports

Some people like to sit on a beach and have a relaxing holiday. Whereas more and more of us want to try a sport or activity that you might not get the chance to do at home.

JS Travel Insurance provides Adventure Sports cover with over 400 Sports and Activities available


Travel Cover and Adventure Sports

If you like extreme sports, you will need to make sure that you are covered for that sport.

Most Travel Insurance policies cover sports such as snorkeling or activities like camping. As soon as you start Scuba Diving or Trekking, then the cost of the insurance increases.

Most Travel Insurance policies will request that most extreme sports and activities, you will need to either be qualified or have a license to take part in the activity.

Even a Travel Insurance policy that looks like to covers you for everything, you would need to read the small print and look at taking a Sports or Activity Travel Insurance policy to meet your requirements.

Adventure Travel Insurance

JS Travel Insurance specialise in Sports and Activities. You are likely to pay more premium to cover you for the sport or activity, as the provider is going to be taking a higher risk with you. Even if this is the case, compared to the cost of medical treatment and repatriation costs back from the USA for example, the cost of the cover will seem small and unimportant.

How to use Adventure Sports Travel Insurance

Have a clear idea as to which sport you are going to take part in, and if it is more than one, make sure you select them all. If you want to do something really extreme, such as Sky Diving, then you might need to call us to go through the process over the telephone.

Whatever the sport is do not rely on the organisers to have their own insurance in place. You may be asked to sign a disclaimer before the event, which relinquishes the company from responsibility or any claims against them.


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