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Pulmonary Fibrosis Travel Insurance

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Pulmonary Fibrosis:

While there is no reason why people with pulmonary fibrosis should not travel, there are some precautions to take in advance.

People who suffer from this condition should be able to travel by air, as long as their condition is stable and has not degenerated recently.

When travelling by air, alert the airline before travel of your condition.

If you require the use of oxygen it is possible to use the on flight oxygen if arranged in advance.

If you suffer from this condition, you will be asked a number of medical questions relating to your condition to ensure you get the correct quote.

Check with your doctor about any additional need for oxygen if you are travelling to an area of higher altitude.

If you are on any medication, such as steroids, make sure you carry enough to last for the entire trip, as well as extra in case of emergency or delay.

Carry with you a recent prescription from your doctor, including a letter detailing your condition.

When getting a quote for travel insurance to cover this condition, you will be asked a number of questions. These will include:

  • Can you always walk 200yds on the flat without becoming short of breath?
  • Are you short of breath at rest?
  • How many chest infections have you had in the last year?
  • Have you been prescribed oxygen for use at home?
  • Have you ever been a smoker?

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To get a quote by telephone, please contact us on 0844 692 3240 or

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