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Gap Year Travel Insurance Calculator

If you are going to more than one country, take care to select the region that will cover all of the countries you are visiting. For example, if you are travelling to France and Spain you should select Europe 3.

UNITED KINGDOM: England, Scotland, Wales, Northern Ireland and Isle of Man

EUROPE 1: France, Germany, Belgium, Holland

EUROPE 2: Means the continent of Europe west of the Ural Mountains including the Republic of Ireland, Channel Islands and all countries bordering the Mediterranean Sea, but excluding Spain and The Canarary Islands

EUROPE 3: Same as Europe 2 but including Spain, The Canarary Islands


WORLDWIDE 1 (RESTRICTED WORLDWIDE): Means anywhere in the world except USA, Canada and the Caribbean

WORLDWIDE 2: Means anywhere in the world

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    Gap Year Travel Insurance

    Travel Insurance, when you are taking a Gap Year.

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    JS Insurance provides Repatriation cover back to the United Kingdom, if you are ill, injured or die whilst abroad.

    This is covered under the Emergency Medical Assistance section of the policy.

    Taking a year out after finishing school is becoming an increasingly popular tradition. A Gap Year can be taken at any time of life, though. People who choose to take a Gap Year often spend the time travelling the world and exploring different cultures and traditions.

    If you are planning a Gap Year, it is important that you purchase travel insurance before leaving the country.

    Travelling is a fantastic way to get off the beaten track and spend some proper time immersed in the traditions of another culture.

    Popular Areas:

    • Thailand
    • New Zealand
    • Australia
    • China
    • Vietnam
    • India
    • Malaysia
    • Russia
    • South America
    • Central America
    • USA
    • Fiji
    • Japan

    One of the great things to do whilst on a Gap Year is to try out a number of Activities and Sports that you cannot do whilst at home.

    Depending on the area you are travelling to, there will be a number of different Sports for you to try out.

    Some of the most Popular Activities people try out, whilst on their gap year include:

    • Bungee Jumping
    • White Water Rafting
    • Luging
    • Zorbing
    • Elephant Riding
    • Camel Riding
    • Trekking
    • Scuba Diving
    • Sand Boarding
    • Snow Boarding
    • Hiking
    • Glacier Walking
    • Cave Diving

    Many people who go on a Gap Year choose to find work when they are abroad, either paid to support themselves whilst in another country, or volunteer work to experience some more of the culture whilst they are there. Some of the most popular jobs that can be done whilst travelling on a gap year include:

    • Ski instructor
    • Volunteer work with Animals
    • Manual Labour (including shop and bar work)
    • Teaching English

    However you plan to spend you Gap Year, it is important that you purchase Travel Insurance, before leaving the country.

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