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Gall Bladder Travel Insurance

JS Insurance provides Single Trip and Annual Multi Trip Travel Insurance to those who have had a Gallbladder removed or suffer from Gall Bladder Disease.


To get a quote by telephone, please contact us on 0844 692 3240 or


JS Insurance provides Repatriation cover back to the United Kingdom, if you are ill, injured or die whilst abroad.

This is covered under the Emergency Medical Assistance section of the policy.

Travel Advice:

Try and stick to the healthy diet you follow at home to control your symptoms as much as possible. If eating fatty foods triggers pain then look for low fat options while away.

If you use painkillers to ease the pain of attacks then be sure to take a plentiful supply and keep them with you if eating out.

Inform your travel insurance provider even if your gallstones are not causing any symptoms so you are covered if you require medical treatment.

If you decide to go on holiday with gall bladder problems, make sure you are adequately covered with your travel insurance.

When getting a quote for gall bladder problems, you will be asked a number of questions to ensure you get the right quote for you. The questions will depend on your condition. These could include:

For gall bladder inflammation:

  • Have you had a cholecystectomy? (Gall bladder removal)
  • How long ago was the surgery?
  • Are you awaiting any procedures to treat your gall bladder or bile ducts?
  • Are you awaiting any procedures to treat your gall bladder or bile ducts?
  • Have you had any symptoms related to your gall bladder or bile ducts in the last 12 months?

For gall bladder polyp:

  • Is this polyp benign or malignant?

Gall bladder removal

  • How long ago was the surgery?
  • Have there been any complications from the surgery in the last 3 months?

Porcelain gall bladder

  • Have you ever been diagnosed with cancer of the gall bladder?


Symptoms can range from discomfort to severe pain - which usually occurs after eating. Not all gallbladder disease causes symptoms and treatment is not always necessary. Mild cases can usually be treated by following a low-fat diet and taking pain killers to manage any discomfort.

Gall Bladder disease mostly affects women but can occur in men. The likelihood of being affected increases if you are overweight, have high cholesterol and have a family history of gallbladder disease. The disease is uncommon in young people and the risk of being affected increases with age.

By far the most common way to treat problematic gallstones is to remove the gallbladder. This is usually done via keyhole surgery and requires only a short stay in hospital. Following the removal of the gallbladder bile is no longer stored and released after eating, but instead it is constantly dripped into the digestive system. Patients usually suffer no complications and find that they no longer have any pain.

Useful Websites: Gall Bladder Facts - About Gall Bladder - Gall Stones - Gall Bladder Information

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