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iPhone 4S Insurance

Wednesday, December 14th, 2011

Getting a brand new iPhone 4S can be an exciting experience, but that euphoria can quickly turn to disappointment if you drop the phone. iPhone insurance is something everyone with an iPhone should invest in. These phones are not cheap to replace and Apple does not cover damage due to dropping the phone or submerging it in water. It also is nearly impossible to repair these phones yourself. It has to be done by a trained professional, and it will often cost more than the phone is worth.

The most common damage that occurs when an iPhone 4S is dropped is damage to the glass shell which covers the outside of the phone. It often cracks, which can make it very hard to read the screen and can even cause the screen to stop working all together. The back of the phone also has a glass cover on it which can crack if dropped or if the phone is placed in your back pocket and then sat on. This normally will not cause the phone to stop working, but is unsightly to look at, and the cracks can spread over time. Unfortunately, it is not possible to fix the screen yourself. The phone needs to be sent in to a service center, and this will cost a fair bit of money if you do not have insurance.

Another problem that can happen if the iPhone 4S is dropped is circuit board damage. This normally happens on falls from a higher distance and can often make the iPhone 4S totally useless. Much like the cracked glass screen, this is not a problem that can be fixed by the user of the device. The phone must once again be sent in for service if it does not have iPhone Insurance, and the extreme cost of fixing this problem makes it not worth the money in most cases.

Dropping your iPhone 4S in the pool or a puddle also is bad for the phone, especially if you do not have iPhone Insurance.  It is not water sealed at all, and water will seep in almost immediately. If the phone is on when this happens, it most likely will not survive being exposed to water and will need to be replaced. However, if the iPhone 4S is not powered on when it is submerged in water it often can be saved, though the warranty is voided by being exposed to water. If your iPhone 4 has been submerged, retrieve it as fast as possible and seal it in a bag full of rice. The rice helps wick the moisture away from the phone, which dries it out. Do not power the phone on while you are doing so, as this can cause a short-circuit, destroying the phone. Keep the phone in the rice for about a week. After that, take the iPhone 4 out and see if it powers on and works properly. You may just luck out and not have to replace it.

Of course, with an iPhone Insurance plan, none of these situations would be a huge deal. Simply call up the insurance company, tell them about your problem and you will have a new phone shipped out to you. There may be a deductible to pay depending on the plan, but this is usually far cheaper than having to replace the phone if it was not covered by your iPhone insurance.