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Travel Insurance Information regarding Volcanic Ash Disruption

Monday, May 10th, 2010

Provided by Towergate AUL who are underwritten by Fortis Insurance Ltd

Following the on going travel disruption caused by the volcanic eruption in Iceland,  JS Insurance have been provided with some clarification on cover by one of our providers Towergate AUL.

Information regarding travellers abroad

If a customer has a Towergate AUL  policy, it may be difficult for them to obtain insurance elsewhere at short notice and in their current location, so Towergate AUL  are willing to extend cover free of charge.

No claims will be accepted for additional  accommodation or transport costs as a result of the volcanic eruption.

Towergate AUL acknowledge that some customers  may not be aware that they must contact us to let us know that they are have been delayed and these customers will not be penalised, provided they have returned on the earliest possible flight.

Information regarding customers with rearranged travel plans

Most Carriers are offering alternative travel plans for their customers. Towergate AUL will accept the transfer of cover to the new dates of travel as long as they are within the next six months and the new trip duration being the same as the original.

Cancellation cover

Claims would only be considered under this section if all the avenues of reimbursement have been exhausted first. (i.e. Airlines, Tour Operators, Credit Card Company, Travel Agents etc.)

Travel Delay and Abandonment

This section of cover provides specific exclusions, one being any claims arising ftom the delay of travel arrangements by or on the order of any Government, public or local Authority but not limited to any civil or Federal Aviation Authority. For this reason, the policy cannot respond if the authorities have grounded/delayed flights.

Whilst the above overriding exclusion applies, it is also worth noting that a volcanic eruption is not a weather event and, whilst most policies provide cover for adverse weather, this does not apply in these circumstances.

Repatriation of patients mid-claim

Towergate AUL acknowledge that due to the disruption, the repatriation of customers who have suffered a medical emergency may be delayed and subject to increased medical related costs. These increased costs will be accepted under the policy cover, subject to repatriation at the earliest opportunity and the standard terms and conditions of the policy.

Cuba ‘compulsory insurance’ update

Wednesday, May 5th, 2010

From 1st May travellers arriving in Cuba would be required to purchase Cuba Health Insurance, and those arriving without proper cover, would be required to buy an appropriate policy from a Cuban insurance company at the airport, port, or marina where they arrive.

A list of approved insurance companies had been released in April.

The Cuban Ministry of Foreign Affiars has now published on its website taht rather than establishing an approved list of insurers, as originally proposed, it now simply requires people entering the country to have a policy that includes health cover for people visiting Cuba.

The requirement to purchase a Cuban insurance policy will only apply to those with Cuban exclusions in their policy.

We recommend that travellers will just need to ensure they have their policy documents to hand when arriving in Cuba as they may be checked by the authorities.